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    Blog — Spring Line

    New Mismatched Designs Now Available!

    New Mismatched Designs Now Available!

    It’s officially spring and we could not be more excited here at the Friday HQ! This is a season full of newly budded flowers, fresh starts, delightful beginnings, exciting adventures and new mismatched socks. Yes, you read that correctly! In with the new out with the old, that’s what they say right? Just kidding, we do still have many of our old designs available, but we are so excited to bring to you our Spring 2017 collection!

    This collection is fun and colourful, as per usual and it features some new clever mismatched patterns, while also a few older designs that we have tweaked and brought back better than ever!

    New Designs

    Pancakes + Syrup – the best combo!

    Mismatched Maple Syrup Pancake Socks

    “Eat your Veggies” – everyone needs this simple reminder, so why not where it on your feet, then you will never forget!

    Mismatched Veggie Socks

    Crabs + Lobsters – This one will get you craving seafood every time!

    Mismatched Crab Lobster Socks

    Upgraded and Updated

    Cowboy Boots + Hats – for the Cowboy/ girl in your life, we all have one!

    Mismatched Cowboy Socks

    Opposing Triangles – a redesign of an old classic!

    Mismatched Triangle Socks

    Rain + Umbrellas – Everyone needs a pair of socks to wear when it’s raining, right?

    Mismatched Rain Umbrella Socks

    Crew Socks

    We have also produced a few of our most popular designs in our Crew Women’s 5-10, Men’s 4-8. 

    Planes + Clouds

    Mismatched Plane Cloud Socks

    “Eat your Veggies"

    Mismatched Broccoli Carrot Socks

    Coffee + Donuts

    Mismatched Coffee Donut Socks

    Winks + Lips

    Mismatched Wink Lips Socks