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    Photo Credit - Lindsay Skeans Photography  

    Hi, I’m Adam. Thanks for checking out our mismatched sock company. 

    Friday Sock Co. was established in the spring of 2014 as a creative outlet while I toiled away in an 8-5 sales job. I was the "sock guy" in the office and wanted to push the envelope on my own personal sock game. I thought of a fun idea to mismatch socks while retaining a theme and/or colour combination, and when I couldn't find a similar product in the marketplace, I decided to design my own.

    Since starting the company we have learned a lot more about socks than we thought possible. We have continued to strive to look for ways to improve not only our designs, but the quality of sock we sell. Each pair is an original design by us, and is a direct reflection of our personal experiences, outlook, and creativity.

    In January 2017 I was able to visit our manufacturing partner; a small family owned sock producer in Italy. We are incredibly proud to have our socks made in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. The factory itself has been with the same family for three generations. 

    Friday Sock Co. is headquartered where the mountains meet the prairies in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and is run by myself, Leanne, and our baby daughter Ella. Leanne also owns and operates a stationery company called Little Me Paper Co. (She's kind of amazing).

    Thanks again for visiting and make sure you follow us on Instagram & Facebook (@fridaysockco) for updates! 

    Sincerely yours, 


    Team Friday